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Chin Enhancement or

What is Chin Enhancement or Augmentation?

Non-surgical chin augmentations involve the use of dermal fillers to increase the volume in certain regions of the chin. Doing so can help accentuate certain parts of the chin to combat age-related changes such as bone loss, loss of fat and tissue as well as wrinkles and sagging skin. It can also be done to reduce the jowly appearance and to simply enhance features of the chin for a more youthful and prominent facial profile.

Chin Augmentations with Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are specially formulated to provide hydration and volume to a treatment area. By strategically injecting dermal fillers in certain skin regions of the chin, the contours of the chin can be enhanced for symmetry, prominence, and more, as the fillers draw hydration to the tissues. Dermal fillers are flexible and durable, making for an excellent natural-looking augmentation solution that will stand the test of time.

What to expect

Dermal filler treatments are generally well-tolerated, quick, and quite safe. Treatments are administered after the area is cleansed and prepped for the procedure. Topical numbing can be applied to the desired treatment areas to minimize any discomfort. Dermal fillers themselves are medicated with a small dose of lidocaine which adds additional numbing to the treatment area as well.

Dr. Brandish is an expert injector with years of experience in administering high-quality treatment results with fillers and other injectables. All things considered, treatment should be quick and easy. For more information on what to expect, see our Dermal Fillers pages.

How do I get started?

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