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Juvederm Voluma

A filler for structural lifts
and volume boosts

What is Juvederm Voluma?

Juvederm Voluma is one of many products in the Juvederm family of hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers.

Juvederm Voluma consists of a highly dense and robust gel formula that can help provide a significant volume restoration, structure, and lift, specifically in areas like the cheeks/cheekbones.

How does Juvederm Voluma differ
from other Juvederm products?

Juvederm Voluma differs from other Juvederm products in its cross-linking of the hyaluronic acid formulation. It’s designed with a very high percentage cross-linking in its hyaluronic acid (HA) formula – the highest of the Juvederm HA gel fillers. This makes it perfect for notable volume increases in areas with a severe volume deficit and a great capacity for a structural lift in the injected area. It also uses lidocaine in its formula to help decrease any sensitivity to the treatment

How is Juvederm Voluma commonly used?

As we age, the midfacial regions (such as the cheek area) tend to lose their volume and the skin tends to droop or sag as its integrity changes. Juvederm Voluma is used to effectively treat sagging skin or significant volume loss in the cheeks or other midface regions. It can even be used for augmenting volume depletion in the chin to create a more beautiful profile and defined jawline.

Restoring the structure of some of these important facial features can be a powerful way to turn back the clock and provide a facelift, without surgery!

How long do results last?

Juvederm Voluma reports lasting results for up to 2 years, the longest of the Juvederm products!

Are there side effects to be aware
of with Juvederm Voluma?

According to Juvederm, the most commonly observed side effects are redness, swelling, pain, tenderness, firmness, lumps/bumps, bruising, discoloration, and itching. These side effects tend to be mild, and they should dissipate within several days depending on the treatment site.

Dr. Brandish uses a smooth tipped cannula to inject dermal fillers which significantly reduces bruising and downtime, making the procedure much safer to administer.

More information about side effects can be found on Juvederm’s website.

Juvederm Voluma Summary

Juvederm Voluma is one of the sturdiest dermal fillers available. With its highly concentrated and cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel formula, it provides powerful volume, structure, and lifts to facial areas that may need it most as we age. It is most effective in the areas of the cheekbones, chin, temples, and jawline providing a beautiful, non-surgical lift. Its formula is built to last, and so should your results with it!

How do I get started?

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