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Lumenis Lightsheer

A hi-tech hair removal system
for all skin types

What is the Lumenis

The Lumenis Lightsheer is a laser hair removal system that offers dual light wavelength options to treat a wide variety of skin types. This versatile diode laser technology offers a permanent solution to hair removal by targeting the base of hair follicles in the skin, heating them, and destroying them, all without harming any nearby tissues. The results are clinically proven, safe, relatively painless, and easy compared to many other hair removal techniques. This makes Lumenis Lightsheer treatment a great option, if not the best option for permanent hair removal.

Lumenis Lightsheer for Laser Hair Removal

The Lumenis Lightsheer is a staple treatment option for body hair removal. Hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures sought after by men and women alike, and the removal of unwanted hair can help achieve a smooth, clean aesthetic for your skin and body.

The Lumenis Lightsheer system uses diode laser technology that can be set to two different light wavelengths. Depending on the wavelength it’s set to, it can be tuned to treat lighter or darker pigment skin, making it a very versatile laser. The laser works by targeting the hair follicles based on their pigment, which allows the laser to very selectively heat the follicles without harming the surrounding tissues. This heat damages the hair follicle to obstruct hair growth in the treatment areas. This leaves the desired areas free of hair growth for much longer than most other hair removal options.

The handpiece used to administer laser treatment directly to the skin uses a couple interesting cutting-edge components to maximize the results.

vacuum suction is applied on the skin to stretch it tight, ensuring that the laser pulses cover a sizeable area of skin and that laser pulses travel deep enough into the skin to reach the target hair follicles.

provides temporary numbing to the skin and helps position hair follicles for maximum laser absorption.

How long do results last?

Luminous light sheer laser hair removal heats and destroys any existing hair follicles in the areas treated quickly, effectively and permanently. New hair follicles may develop under the influence of our sex hormones.

Several treatments may be required over a series of weeks to months to maximize results.

The treatments are “near-permanent “ due to new hair follicles being stimulated by our body’s hormones with time throughout life . Therefore maintenance treatments may be required at some point to continue the aesthetic effects of any permanent hair removal.

What should I expect with the treatment?

To start, you and Dr. Brandish will develop an individualized treatment plan to determine if the Lumenis Lightsheer is the best tool for the desired result.

At the session, the patient will rest with proper eye protection from the laser. The skin will be prepped and cleaned for treatment. The laser handpiece will be placed against the desired area of treatment and laser pulses will be initiated as needed. The sensation tends to produce mild discomfort, but the use of topical anaesthetics and the Lumenis Lightsheer’s ChillTip technology can help numb/cool these areas to make treatment much more comfortable. Patients often feel less discomfort as they do more sessions over time due to reduced number of hair follicles.

Sun exposure should be limited for several days after treatment.

Are there side effects to be aware of
with the Lumenis Lightsheer?

Side effects tend to be mild and include:

– Redness or irritation
– Skin pigmentation changes

These side effects dissipate within a few hours to  days with proper care. More severe side effects may include blistering, burning, or scarring, but are extremely rare. Proper precautions are always taken to minimize and prevent these risks and leave our patients satisfied and happy with great results.

Lumenis Lightsheer Summary

The Lumenis Lightsheer diode laser system uses dual light wavelength options to offer versatile laser hair removal treatment to patients of almost all skin types! The laser targets pigmentation in the hair follicles, assuring that only the follicles are heated and destroyed, leaving surrounding tissues as healthy as ever. Heating and damaging the hair follicles directly prevents unwanted hair growth in the treatment areas. Over a series of sessions, less and less hair growth will occur, leaving the skin hair-free and sleek for years to come!

How do I get started?

If you’re interested in hearing more or in scheduling an appointment, contact our office at

and we’ll take care of you. We offer free consultation appointments as well if you’d like to simply go over any problem areas and see if Botox or other treatment options may be the most effective solution.