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What are Nasal bridge enhancement, nasal tip elevation, and post rhinoplasty corrections of the nose

The term “liquid nose job or enhancement “ is referred to the use of dermal fillers to treat the nasal bridge, lift the nasal tip, or correct any natural or post surgical asymmetries of the nasal region. This non-surgical method with dermal fillers makes liquid rhinoplasty an attractive option for many whom surgery maybe too invasive.

Nasal Bridge Enhancement

Nasal bridge enhancement involves the correction and/or augmentation of the bridge of a patient’s nose to enhance the nasal bridge and achieve a more beautiful nasal profile. Many patients also seek treatment for asymmetries in their nose and nasal bridge to create a more symmetrical, even appearance of their nasal structure.

Nasal Tip Lift

Nasal tip lift is the augmentation of the nasal tip, with fillers as well, to help elevate the tip of the nose for a more youthful appearance. This can be a great way to correct nasal tip drooping.

Post Rhinoplasty Revision

Additionally, some patients who have undergone rhinoplasty procedures may be looking to fine-tune the appearance of their nose after recovery or correct any asymmetry post rhinoplasty. Fillers can be used just as powerfully in this case to achieve any enhancement or correction post-operation.

in summary

At Brandish Clinic, we utilize the versatility of dermal fillers to provide these many effective nasal enhancements non-surgically. Dermal fillers are injectable solutions that are specially designed to increase volume and hydration in a certain area. By using dermal fillers, we can add volume to certain regions of the nose or nasal bridge to achieve symmetry, elevation, corrections, and more.

What to expect

Dermal filler treatments are generally well-tolerated, quick, and quite safe. Treatments are administered after the area is cleansed and prepped for the procedure. Topical numbing can be applied to the desired treatment areas to minimize any discomfort. Dermal fillers themselves are medicated with a small dose of lidocaine which adds additional numbing to the treatment area as well.

Dr. Brandish is an expert injector with years of experience in administering high-quality treatment results with fillers and other injectables. All things considered, treatment should be quick and easy. For more information on what to expect, see our Dermal Fillers pages.

How do I get started?

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