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What is Rosacea / Facial Flushing?

Rosacea is a common skin condition in which the skin appears flushed and red due to excessive surface blood vessels and broken capillaries. Sometimes small red bumps may form as well, and they may even contain pus. Some patients even experience ocular rosacea, in which their eyes and eyelids become red, irritated, and swollen. Rosacea is a chronic and cyclical condition, usually involving flare-ups that may last several weeks to months. Light-skinned women are most often affected by rosacea and facial flushing, but it is found in many different patient populations.

The causes of rosacea are not fully known, but it does appear to be hereditary and is complicated by environmental and lifestyle factors. Some common triggers of flare-ups have been identified, such as extreme temperatures, sunlight, stress and emotions, exercise, vasodilation drugs, cosmetics, alcohol, certain foods, etc.

As you can imagine, the effects of rosacea and its intense facial flushing symptoms can be highly disruptive not just medically, but cosmetically as well. Luckily, treatments are available to effectively reduce redness and facial flushing flare-ups. Due to its hereditary nature, continued treatment may be necessary, however.

What treatments are available for Rosacea / Facial Flushing?

There are several treatments for rosacea and facial flushing that are both effective and long lasting. The goal of treatment is to reduce the number of excessive blood vessels and broken capillaries to reduce the flushing and redness. These treatments will also treat the red bumps or acne related to the rosacea, also referred to as acneic rosacea.

The most effective treatments are The Lumenis IPL system and/or the YAG laser system as well as medical therapy (vitamin A derivatives and antibiotics). At Brandish Clinic we focus on light and laser therapy as it gives the most effective results that are also long lasting. Maintenance treatments are almost always necessary due to its hereditary nature.

Lumenis IPL

Luminous IPL can be used to selectively target and reduce the blood vessels and molecules that comprise the redness of the skin in a rosacea flare-up. It delivers powerful Intense Pulsed Light to heat up and degrade the blood vessels and other molecules responsible for creating the facial redness, without interfering with surrounding tissues. Over time, the redness is diminished and the skin’s even complexion is restored. Unlike lasers, IPL treatment delivers broad-spectrum wavelengths of light to the treatment areas, and these wavelengths can be targeted using filters. Using the correct set of filters allows for IPL treatment that targets many different types of blood vessels that may be contributing to the facial flushing, providing optimal reduction of redness.

Medical Therapy

Medical therapy is also an effective way to treat rosacea although it’s best for maintenance, while IPL and yag laser treatments may be best for acute flare ups. Medical therapy generally includes vitamin A derivatives such as tretinoin, antibiotics, and topical antiseptics.

YAG Laser

YAG Laser is a cutting edge laser system that works wonders on abnormal vasculature networks, making it the perfect solution for red facial flushing associated with rosacea. By using laser wavelengths that specifically target blood vessels, the highly-visible blood vessels in areas of facial redness can be heated and destroyed without having any effect on the surrounding skin. As the body cleans up these vessels naturally, the face’s redness subsides and the skin’s even tone and surface is restored.

What should I expect with the treatment?

To start, you and Dr. Brandish will develop an individualized treatment plan to determine what treatment may be most effective for your individual case.

We encourage you to visit the above links to find more specific treatment details for each type of rosacea treatment.

Rosacea / Facial Flushing Summary

Rosacea is a persistent skin condition, in which flare-ups of redness, irritation, and facial flushing affect the skin chronically. The physiological causes are still unknown, although it’s thought to be hereditary and flare-ups have been found to occur in the presence of certain common triggers, like heat, sunlight, alcohol, etc. You don’t have to live with the bothersome redness, however. At Brandish Clinic, we offer two of the most advanced treatments for rosacea and its pesky facial redness – Lumenis IPL and the YAG Laser. These systems allow us to target the components of the skin that contribute to the redness during a flare-up, and diminish them to restore your face’s clear, even skin tone.

How do I get started with Rosacea / Facial Flushing Treatment?

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