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A powerful long lasting filler for
deep wrinkles and volume loss

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is a synthetic biocompatible dermal filler that is FDA-approved to treat significant volume loss due to collagen loss, facial fat loss, and bone loss in areas such as the temples or midface. It can also be used to treat facial asymmetry, or simply treat moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles and lines, such as nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

Sculptra is a bio stimulatory dermal filler, stimulating our own collagen production with long-term results. Sculptura’s ability to stimulate collagen formation is gradual and requires several treatments spread over a series of several months for the best natural and long-lasting results.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body! It’s a very important structural protein and is thus used all over the body to keep things in place and hold them together. The skin thus relies heavily on collagen to keep its structural integrity.

Sculptra for Contouring

Sculptra is a great filler for contouring. There are many reasons for significant facial volume loss, ranging from disease to certain medical drugs or the natural aging process. This can occur through loss of bone, fat, collagen, and skin elasticity. Sculptra is a great tool for replacing lost volume and for restoring the face to its more 

youthful appearance naturally. Sculptura provides strong structural support through its collagen stimulatory mechanism, gradually increasing skin thickness and volume to facial folds and volume-depleted areas of the face. A series of injections are typically given over several weeks to months, each time re-stimulating more collagen and volume replacement. Its formula uses poly-L-lactic acid which the body uses to create collagen at the injection site, improving wrinkles and folds in the process. The result is a finely-contoured, youthful profile that patients love!

How long do results last?

According to Sculptra’s website, results can last up to 2 years.

What should I expect with the treatment?

To start, you and Dr. Brandish will develop an individualized treatment plan to determine if Sculptra is the best tool for the desired result. She is an expert injector with an artistic eye and years of experience using injectable fillers to contour the face and turn back the clock.

Before the treatment, Dr. Brandish uses topical numbing agents to minimize discomfort with the injection of the filler. All dermal fillers contain numbing agents as well to make treatment even more comfortable. Injections are often performed using a specialized technique with a cannula so that minimal bruising is seen after treatment. A device called Accuvein light may also be used to directly visualize the underlying vessels in the tissue around the injection site to further avoid bruising and make treatment safer.

Even with these extra precautions, there may be some mild redness, bruising, or swelling. This may last a few days, but the advanced precautions are taken at Brandish Clinic help make optimal treatments much easier. For the first 48 hours after the procedure be sure to be gentle with the treated areas, and try to minimize your contact with the injection sites.

As with any medical procedure, it’s important to understand that recovery times may vary patient-to-patient, and this is also the reality with cosmetic procedures like Scupltra injections.

Are there side effects to be aware of
with Sculptra?

According to the Sculptra website, the most commonly observed side effects are bruising, redness, and swelling. These are typically quite mild, and they should dissipate within several days depending on the treatment site. Dr. Brandish uses a soft-tipped cannula for the injection of dermal fillers to significantly minimize bruising and downtime and to make the procedure much safer to administer.

More information about side effects can be found on Scupltra’s website.

Sculptra Summary

Sculptra is a bio stimulatory dermal filler that stimulates the production of our natural collagen. It is used to treat significant facial volume loss and moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles and folds. It works with the skin’s natural structural integrity, encouraging the growth of collagen, a common structural protein in the body. Sculptura is safe and effective and it stands apart from the other dermal fillers in its long-term treatment results of up to 2 years. A series of treatments is required several weeks-to-months apart to maximize its collagen stimulatory potential and to provide long-lasting results.

How do I get started?

If you’re interested in hearing more or in scheduling an appointment, contact our office at

and we’ll take care of you. We offer free consultation appointments as well if you’d like to simply go over any problem areas and see if Sculptra or other treatment options may be the most effective solution.